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Novice Monks Praying

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Dharma Gates is a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to opening pathways into formal meditation training for young adults. We connect young practitioners to a variety of Buddhist teachers and practice centers, working to eliminate the conceptual, logistical, and financial barriers to practice. We foster connections through which practitioners can cultivate compassion, resilience, and clarity to meet the unique challenges of our times.

Namastay Sober

Our mission is to aid those in recovery by reconnecting their bodies and minds through affordable yoga, fitness, meditation and wellness-focused community events. By becoming a member of our community participants are given access to create a new and healthy lifestyle alongside their peers.

The Center for Mindfulness and Insight Meditation

We provide a place for classes and weekly practice where people can come together to support their meditation practice under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Tiffany's Recovery Inc.

Tiffany's Recovery Inc. is a grass root's nonprofit that works to provide effective support and service for people suffering from SUD, Housing insecurity, and mental health.

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Aryaloka Buddhist Center is part of the Triratna Buddhist Community (TBC), an international Buddhist movement of centers, communities, ethical businesses and social projects. The TBC was founded in London in 1967 by the Venerable Urgyen Sangharakshita (1925-2018) as The Friends of the Western Buddhist Order.

Sangharakshita lived a monastic life in India for twenty years, where he studied and practiced with Buddhist teachers of different traditions. Upon returning to the West he founded a movement dedicated to communicating the vitality of the Buddhist tradition in a context that was approachable, inspiring and engaging for practitioners in the modern world. The Triratna Buddhist Community’s approach to Buddhist spiritual life emphasizes the transformative process of Going for Refuge as expressed through ethics, meditation, friendship, community, right livelihood, the arts, study and ritual.


The goal of Upavana is to support Buddhist practice through the medium of the forest tradition. In Theravada Buddhism, the Forest Tradition represents a movement towards simplicity

Zen Peacemakers

OUR MISSION is to support, inspire, train and mobilize a world-wide movement of members and affiliates conducting humanitarian, peace-building, social and civic action based on the Zen Peacemakers’ Three Tenets: Not Knowing, Bearing Witness and Taking Action.

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