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Calendar Events


Join us weekly 7pm Sat (pictures link to meeting)

6/3/2022 Sujato Talks at Baldpate

Sujato Talks about addiction and Healing through Buddhism at Baldpate Detox

Dharma Chat n' Chill: 7pm Saturdays

Chat n' Chill with Sujato. "Picture Links to Zoom"

Marshall Speaks Dharma at Mayflower Detox

6/7/2022 Marshall explained Dharma and recovery to people at Mayflower Detox

Retreats, Events, and fundraisers coming soon!

Coming this Summer!

Speaking at Alyssa's Place

Speaking Dharma and Recovery

Sujato Bikkhu is Coming to Town

Sujato will be bringing Dharma and light into the lives of many who suffer. He will arrive 4/10/2022

Sujato Shares Dharma and Meditation at "Movers and Shakers" Integrative Group

6/17/2022 Sujato shares the healing methods of Buddhist Dharma with a great group

Sujato Speaking at River House Shelter in Beverly 5/16/2022

Sharing Dharma and Books with amazing people

Sujato and Marshall Go to St. Francis House Shelter Boston

St. Francis House is a great resource for people in the streets. On April 23 Sujato and Marshall visited. And on the 28th Sujato presents the simple principles of Buddhist Dharma, and talks about his experience with addiction, self exploration, and monasticism.

Sujato and Marshall Speak about addiction and the benefits of Buddhist practice at Amesbury Recovery Dharma

Sunday May 1st was a joyful experience sharing our experience, strength, and personal development through Dharma Practice with an amazing group of people.

Sujato and Marshall Visit Refuge Recovery, at Recovery on the Harbor Recovery Center 5/13/2022

It a great chance to sit with amazing people, and see Buddhist practice focused on recovery!

Sujato and Marshall go to The Engagement Center to meet Chrissy and Bob from Project Do something and talk to the people about Dharma Outreach

On April 27th Sujato and Marshall met Chrissy and Bob, two of the most compassionate people on earth, and talked to the people on Atkinson St. about Dharma Outreach. Chrissy talked about the love on Atkinson St. home to the Engagement Center, and the love was overwhelming. Dharma Outreach practices Meta, the ancient Buddhist teaching of focusing on the wellbeing of all life especially those who are suffering.

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