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About Us

Figure of a Deva Clasping Hands
Buddha Statues Carved into Mountainside


Mission statement:
Share Buddhist Dharma with populations affected by housing insecurity, incarceration, and Substance Use Disorder.


Vision statement:
A network where members share Buddhist Dharma with incarcerated, addicted, or homeless populations; by means of public speaking, online meetings, resource sharing, and providing support and information that is readily accessible by multiple means of communication or media.


DO will engage target populations by offering public speaking, resources, services, education, activities, and support. 


By creating an online presence, partnering with Buddhist organizations and utilizing volunteers, DO will share Buddhist Dharma with target populations. As membership grows there will be more opportunity to expand services thus reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for target populations. After 5 years DO will offer multiple programs around health and stability, education, housing, emotional support, community building, job security, and spiritual wellness.

Let’s Work Together

Tel: 978-807-1213

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